Have a launch coming up soon?

Whether this is your first, or you’re a seasoned pro, you know that one thing is for sure. To have a successful launch, you have to have the leads.

Before you go hire a Facebook ads agency, what if I told you my Content Activation system will bring you 2X more leads and cut your costs by at least 50%?

In other words:

Activate Your Launch.

With the Activate Your Launch program, our team will take the sales & marketing content you already have prepped and create:

  • Social posts - designed to engage and generate noise and recognition online, promoting your launch organically

  • Customized audiences - we find and target the people most likely to buy from you

  • Facebook ads - our unique ads that generate 2X more leads at HALF the cost

  • SEO optimized content to warm up cold traffic and grab the Google Juice

I'm Jenn Neal.

Creator of the Content Activation movement.

I’ve worked in corporate America for over a decade and have owned my marketing agency for over a decade.

In all that time, I’ve found what works and what doesn’t.

And I’ve gotten really good at creating repeatable systems.

I’m currently training other companies how to become certified Content Activators helping business owners just like you create content cash machines.

My proprietary formula incorporates the magic of strategic content repurposing, free organic traffic with our Google Juice secret, and immediate ROI with our paid ads model (the Facebook Ads Algorithm Hack.)

Why should you care about any of this?

Because I’ve been exactly where you are…

I have a confession to make.

While I have many friends who own Facebook Ads Agencies, I HATE the model.

Paid traffic is SO important. But I’m NOT okay with a 1% conversion rate and sacrificing most of your profits to ad spend or management.

My last venture with an ads agency ended up costing me $47k - and I only made $12k in sales!

Can You Relate?

I felt like I was held hostage to the agency I had hired.

I didn’t know what to expect or how the ads worked.

I knew I needed more traffic and more leads, but the only way I could find was to spend more on ads.

I felt trapped, helpless.

Look, it’s not their fault. This is how ads are done.


Burning up a ton of money on ads got me fired up enough to find a better way. I wanted to have more than the 1%.

True, the model works and many businesses scale to multi millions using this exact model. But they’re leaving money on the table.

You’re paying for traffic - you should get more of the leads you have paid for.

That is why we run ads in a completely different way, and we incorporate organic traffic models to increase your exposure, improve your conversion rates, and cut your costs. (The Facebook Ads Algorithm Hack.)

If you want to see more behind the scenes, check out this blog post where I get on a REAL BIG soap box for a while. ;-)

In the end, I’m grateful for these experiences.

Because it led me to ultimately creating the Content Activation movement.

This is a WHOLE new way to find traffic online - get more exposure and authority - and spend less doing so.

Examples of the Activate Your Launch Effectiveness:

Here is an example comparing cost per lead.

On the left you have a Traditional Ads Agency

On the right you have the Activate Your Launch model

New Survey Funnel Launch

We worked with a company paying a traditional agency for leads. They were coming through at $60 per lead, so we ran the Activate Your Launch model.

The results: an 88% reduction in lead cost - we got 625 leads at $7.24 per lead!

Challenge Launch

We were asked to come in during the launch promotion because the ads agency they were using was getting leads at about $120 per registrant

The results: 52% reduction in lead costs

JV Partner Supporting a Launch

The Activate Your Launch system performed to promote another launch as well as a Joint Venture partner - our model moved them up the leaderboard to spot #3, ultimately beating out Jeff Walker and Ryan Levesque!

So You Know the Activate Your Launch System Works, BUT...

It sounds like a lot of work.

You’re busy planning your launch and one more thing feels like it will crack you.

Look, I get it.

You just want to focus on your sales messaging and process.

And you should.

That is why I’ve created the ...

Activate Your Launch Done For You Program

In the Activate Your Launch Program, we:

1. Generate leads for your launch at 2X, 4X the “normal” rates

2. Send 500% or more increase in traffic to your website

3. Create promotional social media posts for your launch

4. Laser target the prospects most likely to buy from you

5. Set up and manage Facebook ads with our Ads Algorithm Hack

What’s Included with Activate Your Launch:

  1. Personal onboarding call to review your launch plans and timeline
  2. 1 SEO Optimized article written and published on your site with custom Call To Action graphics embedded
  3. Custom created target audiences (part of our Ads Algorithm Hack)
  4. We write all ad copy and create all images (part of our Ads Algorithm Hack)
  5. Create ad campaigns on Facebook and/or Instagram
  6. Manage ad campaigns before and during your launch for effectiveness and scalability
  7. At least 12 social media posts with our engagement strategies - custom designed and copy written, in square and story format
  8. Content Calendar - when we suggest you publish each post
  9. 10+ ad copy variations to maximize your ad spend
  10. Up to 30 ad variations using our Facebook Ads Algorithm Hack
  11. 3-tier retargeting ads
  12. Leads connected to your CRM to add to your follow up sequences



Plus Ad Spend

The Activate Your Launch Program is NOT for Everyone

In order to be accepted into the Activate Your Launch Program, you must:

  1. Already have a product or service that is proven to sell
  2. Be willing to hand over sales and marketing content for repurposing
  3. Be willing to create short videos

Become a Content Activator and Activate Your Next Launch